Chris Carr - Vocals, Guitar, Flute
At the tender age of twelve Chris received a hand-me-down Washburn electric guitar from his older brother and thus began a life long love affair. Already a student of music, playing flute and singing in choir, Chris’ primary instrument quickly became the guitar. Chris has spent most of his lifetime studying guitar and music, pulling from an incredible variety of inspirations which have culminated into his unique progressive folk sound. From the Big Island of Hawaii, Chris pursues his musical passions from his home recording studio, from the Lanai, from the beach or wherever the Island takes him. Instruments include: Guitar, Bass Guitar, Flute, Piccolo, Cow Bell, Piano, Hand Percussion.
Jeffery O'Casey - Bass, Guitar, Banjo
Long-time player Jeffery O’Casey brings his musical talents to The Kilt Lifters. Not only is Jeff a tremendous player on a variety of instruments, he is also an accomplished singer/songwriter.
Sam Woldenberg - Percussion
Percussionist extraordinaire and overall musical prodigy, Sam holds a bachelors degree in music theory and plays piano, drums, bass and guitar. Sam currently runs his own recording studio in Ohio and has several other music projects ongoing. Sam makes it back out to Hawaii to perform and for album recording.
Gina Burgess - Fiddle
The Kilt Lifters are honored to welcome world-class fiddler, Gina Burgess to their ranks. Hailing from Nova Scotia, Gina travels and performs full time on a variety of music projects and also teaches violin in the Halifax area.