The Kilt Lifters

A bit of the Emerald Isles on the Hawaiian Isles! The Kilt Lifters progressive Irish and Celtic rock band celebrates our island nations with their eclectic and electric Celtic rock sound. With rocked out traditional and original tunes, paired with beautiful classic  Scottish ballads and Irish traditionals, The Kilt Lifters bring a modern twist to the Celtic music we all love.

The Kilt Lifters feature the inspired musical arrangements of Chris Carr on guitar, flute, and lead vocals, with crowdpleaser Jeffery O’Casey on bass, banjo and guitar, the amazing Lisa Gomes on violin, and Joe O’Loughlin with his incredible percussion work.

From the Big Island to Oahu, The Kilt Lifters performs throughout Hawai’i and at festivals on the Mainland. Please check our schedule for upcoming events.